Sands of Destiny

Session I

Session I Notes
September 26th, 2010

Players Present:

Paul – Beldak Tah-hook
Jay – Zzaeyx Rahl
Jason – Hak’Chotai
Geoff – Morgran

The characters are pulling a large heavy cart through the unforgiving deserts of Athas in a fashion befitting livestock. There were a few guards including the slave runner Kalgaren Shortly after beginning the caravan of slaves is attacked by a large mass of bones, exploding from the sand nearby. It destroyed the caravan on its first attack, taking most of the slaves and slavers with it. The best anyone was able to decern it was a swirling deadly mass of bones and sands created by some arcane magic.

The main characters were able to save some others and escape with thier lives. Kalgaren was pulled to safety but his wounds were to severe and died soon after. He gave them what belongings he had and left them with knowledge he thought may help them survive. After he was gone the group decided to continue towards the excavation site. Once there they planned to help the slaves who were imprisoned there gain thier freedom.

Shortly after continuing on thier way they ran into a small ambush party of Silt Runners. The party dispatched of them fairly easily. There were three melee attackers and two ranged attackers with blowguns, the needles dipped in some kind of poison. After they had been killed the party followed thier tracks to a cave system where, it seemed, was the home of the tribe the deceased were from. Hak’Chotai ventured in first to see what awaited them. He returned shortly to inform the party that he had found that the cave was just an entrance to a large system. The closest “room” had several defenseless youth or women as well as a few male warriors. The group discussed about what they should do, before the conversation was over however Zzaeyx Rahl began walking into the cave, the rest of the group followed. While most were stealthy in thier approach Zzaeyx walked directly down the middle of the tunnel and was easily seen approaching, before they could react however Zzaeyx ran past the entrance guards and into the middle of the room. Before the creatures could react Zzaeyx and Beldak were placed in the middle of the room and the others taking up positions at the entrance.

Since the fight prior Zzaeyx had been more quiet even than usual, now entering the battle however he was loud and feral sounding, yelling out deep throaty roars as he ran and attacked the silt runners, killing the women and children all in one attack of thunder and lighting. This was also accompanied by him growing a second skin of stone, hinting that he was more than merely a fighter. All the characters fought well in the battle, having to adapt more than once to new arrivals in the room. Near the end of the fight Zzaeyx abbandoned his sword, leaving it sticking out of one of the creatures and began attacking with his fists. After all the enemies had been dispatched there was a moment of calm, however after the last opponent dropped Zzaeyx lunged for Beldak and landed a punch directly on him. The monk was knocked back and prepared to defend himself against his companion gone mad. As soon as Zzaeyx had punched Beldak he continued moving towards the wall screaming in rage, finally slamming his head against the stone wall and collapsing to his knees, pulling desperately at his mask in an attempt to remove it. Finally succeding he quieted and took off down the tunnel and around the corner. The rest of the party proceeded to loot the shacks that were in the room. Upon further exploration of the caves the group decided to leave as they seemed endless and full of enemies.

After leaving the tunnels the group traveled for about another hour until the excavation site came into view. They saw that down in the camp area there were only 2 guards, a human and a halfling. Zzaeyx proposed that while the others sneak around the camp to “Take them from behind” he wander up towards them seemingly from the desert. They all agreed and split up. Zzaeyx played his part well as the others circled, lulling the guard into dropping some of his guard. When the opportinity presented itself Zzaeyx brought down his fist slamming it into the humans head. At that moment the rest of the group jumped out and began thier assault as well. Once the human guard was dealt with Beldak took a running leap towards the halfling guard and using his momentum, his strength and his fists which had been honed over years of strict training he punched the halfling in the face and beyond, exploding the little things head.

Now the group searched the camp for anything of use before loosing themselves upon the rest of the guards…

I’ve added a short Story so Far entry to the Wiki so everyone can get a feel for whats going on at the start of the game, and so they can come up with a background that will work into the basic premise. I’ve also added a few other pages to check out, nothing groundbreaking.
Pre-Game 1
With the Adventure Log we can keep track of everything that happens in the game, and link to more detailed information on important locations, artifacts and people.

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